Pre-Employment Evaluations

Evaluate your employees physical abilities with our pre-employment evaluations.


Understand your employees physical abilities

What are pre-employment evaluations?

Pre-employment evaluations are a medical exam that employers may require new hires to complete in order for them to be physically capable of doing their job. An assessment can last anywhere between minutes and hours, depending on what position you’re going into as well as how much detail your employer wants covered during this part of the training/onboarding process .


The employee health evaluation is an important step in ensuring that your workplace remains healthy. By tracking changes over time, companies can better understand what factors lead to a sicker population and take necessary steps towards prevention or remediation accordingly

Pre-Employment Evaluations

Functional Movement Screenings

The Functional Movement Screen, or FMS for short, was developed to help clinicians and health care professionals identify individuals at risk of injury who may be suffering from a performance-limiting movement pattern. This screening tool has been used successfully with athletes but it’s also being employed by companies before employing new employees so they can determine if there are any problems related to this type of movements in their work environment.

Physical Abilities Assessment

Every year, millions of workers suffer from workplace injuries that can lead to lost time, increased insurance premiums, and a host of other problems. A physical abilities assessment from Compcare Urgent Care will tell you exactly what tasks each employee should not be doing in their current condition or after injury, so no one gets hurt on the job again. This way, workers get back on track faster without any unnecessary time off work.


Physical Abilities Assessment’s can range from short lift tests to longer duration tests that involve cardiovascular fitness, strength, and position tolerance. In addition to the physical assessment, Compcare Urgent Care also includes an informed consent, health questionnaire, and vital signs review.



Cardio Health



Pre-Employment Evaluations

Workers’ Compensation Injury Management

Physical therapy has an important role to play in helping injured employees receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Injury rehabilitation specialists at Compcare’s Physical Therapy department are on a mission to make sure your employees receive the care they need. Our walk-in, same day service provides quick evaluations that lead directly into weekly physical therapy sessions in order to get your employees back up and running as soon as possible.

Work Hardening

Work hardening is an individualized, highly-structured program designed to help patients return to their pre-injury work level in a safe and timely manner. The goal of work hardening is to help patients return back at their pre-injury job level in a safe and timely manner. It aims on regaining biomechanical functions like cardiovascular, metabolic & nervous system alongside psychosocial ones while also focusing heavily around tasks that require manual labor or close physical engagement with objects such as tools used for construction projects etc.. The 4 week program lasts 8 weeks; it’s designed specially depending upon how severe your condition really may be.

Pre-Employment Evaluations

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Workplace injuries and illnesses can be costly for both the employer and the employee. In some cases, it’s difficult to determine when an employee is ready to return to work.


Compcare Urgent Care offers a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) that can help employers make informed decisions about their employees’ readiness to return to work. An FCE compares the individual’s health status, body functions and structures to the demands of the job and work environment. In essence, an FCE’s primary purpose is to evaluate a person’s ability to participate in work.

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