Physical Therapy Stretches for Golfers

Physical Therapy Stretches for Golfers

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Physical Therapy Stretches for Golfers

Golfing is usually fun. Golfing can also be frustrating. The best way to have fun while golfing is to golf well. Frequency of time on course has a direct correlation to golfing well and producing lower scores.
Pain often keeps people off the golf course and at best (or maybe worst) contributes to poor scores and increased frustration if you trying to play through pain.  Stretches to prepare for the golf season is one fantastic way to keep yourself on the course and in the game more regularly.

Stretches for Golfers – Staying on the Course

Pain and injury can be frustrating especially when it keeps us off the golf course. The best method for staying on the golf course and improve scoring is through a comprehensive strength, mobility and practice regimen. However, this can take time, and as we all know, pain and injuries can happen at any time, especially when we least expect it.
With the physical demands of the golf swing and the unpredictability of pain onset, it is important to have some easy options to address pain when it occurs. Here are three stretches to reduce common areas of pain and strain we may encounter during our golfing adventures.

Standing Extension Stretch

Start with wide stance, place your hands on the meat part of your buttock, lean backward, and at the same time press your hands forward into the meat. This stretch can help take pressure off your lower back and keep you limber for the next swing (Repeat 5 times).
*It is important to avoid placing hands on, and pressing through, your low back.  This error can actually contribute to back pain and not assist in relieving or avoiding back pain.

Half-Kneeling Rotation



Kneel on one knee, place your golf club (or your hands) behind your neck on your shoulders.  Next, rotate left then back to the right repeating five rotations each direction.  Once completed perform the same movements while kneeling on the other side again repeating five rotations each direction.

This stretch will improve the rotation of your shoulders, hips and upper back, again reducing the pressure and strain to your lower back during the golf swing.
*Try to stay as tall as possible without leaning forward or backward when performing this movement.

Hinge Reach with Club


Take your club and hold it with both hands in front of your legs. Reach your hip backward and at the same time reach the golf club forward as far as you can, emphasizing the reach in each direction equally (Repeat 5 times).
This stretch will help to maximize your upper and lower body working in unison, assisting in a more connected swing, and further reducing the possibility of experiencing lower back pain during a round of golf.

Take Control of Your Golf Game and Low Back Pain

Try to perform these stretches minimally before the round and after each nine hole section of your golf outing. You can also decide to stretch as frequently as each hole, each shot, or whenever you feel it would be most beneficial.

In Summary

No matter how long you have been golfing, exercising or existing on the planet it can be challenging to anticipate pain onset. The stretches provided here are by all means not the only options available, nor do they represent a comprehensive injury prevention program. However, the stretches do address common areas of restrictions experienced through playing the game of golf.
Head out for your first round with this information in hand and you will notice a difference in how you feel. If you start to have pain, or current pain persists, please do not hesitate to schedule an evaluation at one of our three convenient physical therapy locations in MN (Rochester, Eagan, or Cottage Grove). Here’s to staying on the course and lowering your handicap!


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