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Physical Therapy Direct Access

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Physical Therapy Direct Access

What does it mean to be direct access? Direct access indicates a referral from another medical provider is not necessary to seek care from a different medical professional. Most specialists are not direct access and require a referral to schedule a visit. As most of you already know, Dentists and Chiropractors are direct access. But what about Physical Therapy?

In the state of MN Physical Therapy direct access is legal and is an easy entry point into obtaining care for injuries. Physical Therapists are experts in triaging musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injuries and disorders. This skill set makes physical therapy a great place to initiate care for such times in your or your families lives.

Where can I go for treatment?

MN is a free choice state when it comes to healthcare, so you can receive physical therapy via direct access anywhere. Location of facility, familiarity with a specific therapist, or even your desired payment method may all factor into the location you ultimately choose to begin your healing process.

Can I use insurance?

Most insurances will allow physical therapy direct access; however, some do not. This is a great reason to check with your insurance carrier prior to your first scheduled visit to assist in making the best choice for your situation.

What if I don’t have insurance?

Physical Therapy direct access is not limited to 3rd party payers. Compcare physical therapy has cash pay options for individuals to utilize when insurance payments are not an option.

What are the benefits of direct access?

Some of the benefits you will experience with direct access include:
1 )  Expedited care: Initiating care to address musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injuries as early as possible is important to reduce secondary aches, pains and likely compensatory movement patterns. In addition, faster initiation of care will likely result in a faster return to your normal life.

2) Reduced appointments: People’s schedules are tight and filled with obligations. Utilizing direct access the need for a medical referral is eliminated. Thus you only need one visit to begin the healing process vs two or more before the start of the physical therapy journey. Less appointments means less schedule rearranging and time saved.

3) Convenience: Less schedule rearranging, close to home or work, a facility with the soonest appointment available all can improve convenience of the recovery and rehab experience. Physical Therapy direct access can lessen these barriers to entry and treatment and in turn will reduce extra stressors in your life.

Direct Access with Compcare Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is a vital part of our Musculoskeletal team. Utilizing physical therapy direct access at Compcare is a more comprehensive option than our competition. With medical providers and X-ray imaging available at each location, Compcare is your one stop shop for triaging and treatment of your common musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injuries.

Leverage physical therapy direct access and quicken your healing process by scheduling, or walking into, any of our three physical therapy locations: Rochester, Eagan, and Cottage Grove.

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