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Benefits of Occupational Health Mobile Services

Occupational Health Mobile Services

Keep your workforce healthy when you partner with Compcare Urgent Care for occupational health services. Your employees can get high-quality care right at your facility throughout Minnesota.

Audiometric Units

Test up to 6 employees simultaneously. CAOHC certified technicians. DOD and OSHA compliant hearing tests. Compare annual data, determine work related STS, occupational medicine specialty audiologists. Digital cloud resulting.

Military Contractors

Compcare occupational medicine is a Department of Defense medical contractor, offering services nationwide. With years of experience performing PHAs, MHAs, Chapter 2 Physicals, and OSHA related services, Compcare is your first choice for affordable and efficient mobile care. An LHI in-network vendor.

Refinery employee surveillance

Annual physicals, HAZMAT examinations, First responder testing, Vaccines and more. Test for employee exposures to Benezene, Silica, Lead, and more.

Sports Physicals

For school districts looking to have comprehensive evaluations on-site. Save families time and reduce scheduling delays. Clearance forms resulted digitally in bulk within 24hrs of the event.

OSHA Surveillance

Many workplace exposures require mandatory annual monitoring per the Occupational Safety and Heatlh Administration (OSHA) to optimize employee health. Synchromedics (website link) will organize your results, provide the data you need to make informed decisions and remind you of expiring results.

How it works

We offer on-site mobile services that provide everything from pre-employment screenings to post-injury care. We have years of experience in occupational health and our team of experts are here to help you keep your employees safe and healthy.

Schedule online or give us a call

A client service representative will reach out to verify your request within 24hrs.

Prepare for service

Determine space requirements, designate parking, and confirm safety protocol. Review and approve compcare logistical plan.

Execute service

Operations begin according to your preferred timeline. Live communication ensures an efficient workflow.

Get results

Login to your corporate dashboard to view live results, comparisons, threshold shifts, etc. detailed graphs and charts provide leadership with key metrics.

Schedule following year event

Book services years in advance. Reminders built in. Let us prepare your event, reducing staff time and cost.

(Diagram showing 1 week lead time for small event execution and 4 weeks lead time for large event)

Our services don’t stop there

Other Mobile Services

Ergonomic Assessments


Pulmonary Testing

Audiometric Testing


Drug Testing

Annual Evaluations


Why Compcare Is The Right Choice

How We Stand Out

Keeping your employees healthy and productive is good business. At Compcare Occupational Medicine, we offer a wide range of prevention, treatment, safety and compliance  programs, in addition to urgent care services to make sure you can optimize your workforce.


Whether it’s a pre-employment physical, a drug screen, a DOT/CDL physical, or a work-related injury, we have the unique combination of expertise and on-site capabilities to keep your employees — and your workplace — healthy, happy, and productive.

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