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Movement Screen

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Movement screen

As the calendar inches closer to spring, many people are itching to get outside and be more active. With “Spring Fever” people often are motivated, excited and, as a result, often bite off more than they can chew after a sedentary wintery existence. Injuries often occur as a result of associated overzealousness and our hopes of increasing activity, and improved health and wellness are over before they even started.

As a result, frustration usually sets in, poor eating and drinking decisions follow, and all of a sudden we are even less active, more stiff, and increasingly dissatisfied with ourselves.

Is this a product of aging? What could you have done differently? Next time I will just avoid the activity that “put me into this tailspin”, no matter how much I enjoy doing it.


First, the set back is likely not due to aging. It is true as we age the additional responsibilities of life take time away from our ability to participate in physical activity. Jobs take up much of our time. Family obligations including kids activities further deplete the hours we have available and after all of that, it is difficult to find the physical and mental energy to be active and take care of ourselves.

Second, one thing that could have been done differently is getting a better understanding of your body’s baseline. Obtaining a movement screen is a quick and effective method to obtain a baseline for mobility and function. Movement restrictions and limitations, which often precede pain and injury, can be identified with movement screening.

Once this valuable information is obtained via a movement screen, your musculoskeletal professional will be able address findings and provide exercise options to improve your movement foundation. Improved movement helps to increase the likelihood of sustainable physical activity and avoid previously stated frustrations.

Third, avoidance behavior is not the best option to improve capacity or function. In addition, avoiding something we enjoy, and / or we are good at doing, certainly is not enjoyable and even frustrating at times. The best activities are fun, challenging, sustainable and even more enjoyable when we have some level of success while participating.

Obtaining a more accurate baseline through a movement screen will improve the likelihood of improving sustainability to participate in fun, challenging and successful activities.

Where and How?

I’m glad you asked. Compcare provides movement screening anytime of year. Your movement screen will be performed by one of our certified professionals. Upon completion you will be given personalized exercises to address any perceived deficits, with additional follow up appointment(s) recommended on a case by case basis.

Schedule an appointment for your personalized movement screen at either Compcare Eagan or Cottage Grove and set yourself up for springtime success for all your health and wellness goals.

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