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Walk-in medical care for life’s bumps and bruises

Injuries Urgent Care Services

Minor Cuts and Injuries? We Can Treat That

Compcare Urgent Care offers treatment for minor injuries, sprains, burns, and lacerations. And whether you’re barbecuing, camping, or going for a jog, there’s potential for injury at nearly every turn. Get the immediate care you need, at your convenience, no appointment required.


Our team can treat a large variety of minor injuries and cuts that, while not requiring a trip to the ER, still need expert medical care. At Compcare Urgent Care, you will always be seen by highly experienced doctors and health professionals who are on standby for your convenience.

Injuries Urgent Care
When should you visit us?


Commonly treated conditions and offered procedures include:

Breaks + Fractures

Cuts + Abrasions

Foreign Object Removal

Infected Wounds


Minor Burns

Sprains or Strains

Stitches + Stapling


X-Rays + EKGs

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 immediately or go to your local emergency room

When to go to the emergency room

It’s also important to know when your injuries are severe and possibly life-threatening. If you experience any of the following injuries, call 911 or get to an emergency room right away:

Lost Vision

Limb Threatening Injuries

Severe Bleeding

Open Factures

Head Injuries

Chest Pain

Major Trauma

Healthcare From Anywhere


Healthcare from anywhere. Receive a consultation without leaving the comfort and safety of your home. Evaluation and treatment for common, minimal injuries and illnesses.
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