The Importance of Early Intervention in Physical Therapy

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The Importance of Early Intervention in Physical Therapy

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The importance of early physical therapy intervention post injury is vital to a speedy recovery.  Waiting to seek professional assistance after an injury can lead to prolonged time away from sport and recreation, reduced quality time spent with friends and family, as well as reduced work attendance.  Missed time in any aspect of our lives can lead to a sense of isolation, inadequacy, fear, reduced confidence, and in some cases depression.  Thus a physical injury can affect more than just our body, physical injuries can, and regularly do, affect our mental status as well.  Early intervention with Compcare Physical Therapy will provide an opportunity to best achieve a speedy recovery post injury.

The Importance of Early Intervention in Physical Therapy – The Benefits

Reduced Compensation:  A comprehensive evaluation from a licensed physical therapist will identify areas of compensation post injury.  Through guided exercise, education and an individualized Home Exercise Program (HEP), Compcare physical therapists will assist in the reduction of common post injury compensations. As compensations reduce, pain and physical limitations associated with your injury also decrease thus beginning your safe return to improved mobility and function.

Quicker return to activity:  As mobility and function safely improve due to reduced compensations you will begin to return to your normal activities (i.e. sports, work, family fun days) more quickly.   Returning to our normal activities on a regular basis and with reduced pain we begin to feel more like ourselves. Feeling more like yourself helps to reduce stress, increase livelihood and helps to restore a sense of well being.  This is the first step in a more complete recovery of not just your body but your mind as well.

Reduce Fear:  The more quickly you return to the activities you are accustomed to, with increased knowledge and strength via individualized HEP, fear of the inability to recover and the fear of re-injury are reduced.  Both of which can be stressful and debilitating aspects of the recovery process often lasting long after the physical structures have healed.  When our mental hurdles begin to reduce along with our physical selves improving fear becomes a thing of the past and we open the door to increased confidence and further recovery.

Increase Confidence:  With fear removed and function restored, increased confidence in your body and its abilities follows.  Confidence allows us to participate in all of our daily activities without reservation or hesitation further reducing our likelihood of re-injury.  Restored confidence is exactly what you can expect with early intervention in physical therapy post injury at Compcare Physical Therapy.

Mental and Physical Recovery: Early physical therapy intervention creates a more complete recovery. By addressing not only the physical aspects of the injury, but the sometimes forgotten or overlooked, mental aspects of injury. Understanding the road to recovery and how with the utilization of an individualized Home Exercise Program (HEP) each of us can continue to improve after physical therapy has been completed is empowering.

In Summary

Injuries are scary and nobody wants to miss out on participating in their favorite activities or fun time with friends.  Early physical therapy intervention post injury at Compcare will identify and reduce compensation, assist in quicker return to activity, provide reduced fear of re-injury and all the while renewing confidence in your body’s ability to respond like you’ve become accustomed to. 

So if you would like to thrive and not just survive, with limited time away from the cherished moments of your life, early intervention in physical therapy post injury at any one of our three locations (Rochester, Eagan, Cottage Grove) is your first step!  We are looking forward to helping you empower yourself and provide a more complete recovery from injury.

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