Heat Stress

Heat Stress

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Heat Stress

Heat stress from increased heat exposure can lead to injury, illness or even death. With summer right around the corner now is a good time to review preventative measures you can take to manage and reduce negative effects of heat exposure.


Drink plenty of water. Not only is drinking water important but doing your best to be regularly drinking water even if you are not thirsty is equally important. When our bodies indicate thirst we are usually running on a deficit. In this state it is easy to succumb to heat rash, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, or even death.

Limit Exposure and Take Breaks

With elevated heat and humidity try and make a conscious effort to remain indoors. If you have tasks, events, or even work you need to do outdoors, try to utilize shaded areas.
Utilize trees and buildings as natural shades or set up portable tents and shelters in order to reduce sun and heat exposure during outdoor activities.

In addition, if you cannot access shade take frequent breaks. Ideally combining breaks with hydration will usually set you up for success!

Protect Skin

The more immediate heat related illnesses get much of the attention. Heat rash, heat cramps, fainting, heat exhaustion and heatstroke are serious and should be addressed promptly. However; a common delayed result of sun exposure is skin cancer.

Skin cancer is treatable but can also be deadly. Application of sunscreen with the use of SPF clothing and head ware are simple interventions we can all implement to reduce our risk of skin cancer.

Heat Index

As we all know heat is effected by humidity. Heat index is what the temperature feels like to our bodies with humidity factored in. Below is a chart to utilize as a quick reference to more clearly calculate heat index.


Heat stress related issues are serious yet manageable. Remember to hydrate, reduce exposure, take breaks and protect your skin so you can maximally and effectively manage heat stress related ailments.

Compcare wishes you a safe and healthy summer. Find us at one of our convenient locations.

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