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Illness Urgent Care Services

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At Compcare Urgent Care, we specialize in helping you get the care you need, whether cold or flu (and more), when you need it most. During the COVID-19 pandemic is it more important than ever to have your non-COVID injuries and illnesses evaluated and treated as quickly and safely as possible to stay out of the Emergency Room – walk-in anytime. We have a dedicated team on staff to prioritize non-COVID testing patients so you will be seen quickly and safely for routine injuries and illnesses.


Colds and other ailments don’t wait to strike when it’s convenient for you; that’s why we make it our mission to be here when you need immediate access to providers who care. Our highly experienced medical staff is available early in the morning and late into the evening to accommodate your busy schedule. With extended hours, you will always have access to the treatment you need to feel better and keep moving forward. We treat infants and children, and are available to see your child for a host of health concerns; including fevers, colds, stomach pain, earaches, and more.

Illness Urgent Care Services Minnesota
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Illness Services

Aches + Pains



Breaks + Fractures

Common Cold / Cough / Flu


Cuts + Abrasions

Diarrhea + Constipation


Earaches + Ear Infections

Eye Infections



Infected Wounds

Insect & Animal Bites

Minor Burns

Minor Injuries

Minor Stomach Pain


Shortness of Breath

Sinus Infection

Tick Bites + Lyme Disease

Skin Abscess

Sore Throat

Splinters + Foreign Body Removal

Sprains + Strains

STD Testing


Urinary Tract Infections

Healthcare From Anywhere


Healthcare from anywhere. Receive a consultation without leaving the comfort and safety of your home. Evaluation and treatment for common, minimal injuries and illnesses.
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